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MATS-Made Foods and Beverages

Great-tasting, nutritious, clean-label packaged
foods are possible with MATS!

What is MATS?

MATS is an advanced food preservation system that uses the ultimate food safety technique—heat—to preserve foods and beverages to be safely stored in the pantry or refrigerator and eaten later.

But unlike other food processing systems, MATS minimizes heat time—which allows foods to retain their natural textures, flavors and micronutrients. MATS is a healthier way to process and package foods.

Clean Label

The unique MATS system doesn’t strip the nutrients and flavors out of food. As a result, no artificial additives or extra sodium are needed. MATS preserves everything that’s good about food — and leaves everything else out.

MATS-Made foods and beverages are nutritious, clean-label and as close to fresh as possible.


Because MATS-Made packaged foods are sterilized, they do not need to be refrigerated. MATS-Made foods are shipped and stored at room temperature. That makes MATS a more sustainable approach for getting high quality food to the grocery store or sent to directly to consumers.

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Benefits of MATS-Made Foods

GREAT TASTE: Foods preserved with MATS taste closer to homemade or restaurant quality.

LESS SODIUM: When creating recipes for MATS, chefs can start with 50 percent less sodium than recipes for traditional packaged foods.

NO UNNATURAL ADDITIVES: With MATS, flavors stay intact so no additives and enhancers are needed.

GREATER VARIETY: MATS makes it possible to preserve and package a wide variety of foods, from nutrient-rich proteins and whole grains and vegetables to spicy dishes.


MATS-Made Foods: More Nutritious

Micronutrients are retained in MATS-Made foods—which makes them more nutritious than other processed foods.

Retention of Thiamine (Vitamin B) in Salmon Filets

Retention of Vitamin C in Asparagus

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High Quality, Clean-Label Foods

MATS opens up a whole new world of packaged food possibilities from pasta and seafood to egg dishes and ethnic dishes. Chefs and culinary experts are currently working with MATS systems, creating new recipes with carefully sourced ingredients.

Healthy, convenient food options for breakfast, lunch and dinner are on their way!

Look for the MATS-Made logo on products soon in your local store or online retailer!


Chef-Inspired Dishes On Your Pantry Shelf

915 Labs culinary experts are creating signature dishes to produce and sell direct to consumers.  

The company recently collaborated with Chef Michael Kuefner of Brightwater: A Center for the Study of Food, who created three chef-inspired dishes including a mac & cheese, Thai coconut soup and a Hungarian goulash.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Chef Michael to demonstrate the ability of MATS to produce truly restaurant-quality food in a shelf-stable format," said Mike Locatis, CEO, 915 Labs.

One taste of a 915 Labs signature dish proves that microwave assisted thermal sterilization (MATS™) is not only the next generation of food processing, it is the way food will be packaged and delivered to customers in the future. MATS-Made foods are the perfect combination of near-fresh and shelf-stable foods that can be stored and shipped at ambient (at room temperature).

"MATS is a game-changer because you don't have to develop the product for the process like you do with retort," said Chef Michael. "The result is great food that tastes better than homemade."

About MATS

MATS is part of the ‘next generation’ in food processing that vastly improves the way food has been processed until now. A Denver-based company called 915 Labs is the exclusive provider of MATS systems around the globe.

The mission of 915 Labs is to transform the way foods are processed, revolutionize the quality of packaged foods and to contribute in a very real way to improving the global food ecosystem. 

The latest from 915 Labs

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