What is MATS?

MATS is a unique microwave method for sterilizing food so that it’s safe to eat. Unlike the way most food is sterilized today, MATS doesn’t strip the nutrients and flavors out of food. And that means no artificial additives or extra sodium are needed. MATS-made safe and convenient packaged foods are as close to fresh as possible.


Conventional food processing, or retort, has been the industry standard for more than 100 years. Sterilizing and packaging food in cans and more recently, in pouches and cartons, improved food safety and created the ability to ship and store food for extended periods of time—and paved the way for convenience foods.


The downside of retort is that the process exposes food to high temperatures for an extended period of time, which destroys the pathogens that can cause sickness—but also damages the food itself. During the process, micronutrients and flavors are stripped from the food. To compensate, artificial additives and enhancer as well as excess sodium are often added.